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Advanced TRS

The Ultimate Heavy Metal Detoxification Solution

Advanced TRS uses a proprietary formula of 100% pure clinoptilolite and salicylic acid to remove heavy metals like aluminum, lead, and mercury from the body at a cellular level to reveal your body’s full potential.

Cleanse Toxins from Body & Mind

The air, water and food are saturated with toxins—that means your body and mind are too.

With its proprietary clinoptilolite zeolite formula, Advanced TRS captures toxins and heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins, and free radicals that impair the body and weigh down the mind. With daily use, a few sprays each morning and evening will reveal the body’s full potential.

  • Naturally Remove Toxic Heavy Metals like Mercury, Lead, Aluminum & Arsenic
  • Support Healthy Levels of Vital Nutrients like Iron & Calcium
  • Balance pH Levels
  • Boost Immune System Function

Advanced TRS is designed to remove more toxins than any other zeolite solution. With an average zeolite pore size of 0.7 – 0.9 nanometers as verified by ultra-high resolution microscopy, there is an estimated surface area of 4.8 million sq ft per bottle that is capable of removing toxins.

Our proprietary formula is clinically proven to support cellular toxin removal.

Proprietary Lab-Made Clinoptilolite – 1.0mL per 5 sprays

Other Ingredients: Ultra-Pure Water.

Detoxification on
a Cellular Level

Advanced TRS promotes detoxification by attracting, trapping, and removing heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants from the body. At the cellular level, removing such toxins allows cells to return to their healthy equilibrium and function.

Nanotechnology = Effectiveness

Being nano-sized, the individual particles in Advanced TRS are maximally efficient at absorbing toxins. Think of a bath sponge. When you put it in water, the water flows into to sponge from the outside in. Now imagine your bath being filled with millions of floating foosballs the size of the holes in your sponge.

The water will carry them in at the beginning, but pretty quickly, the holes in the sponge will be clogged up, leaving a large part of the center of the sponge, dry, and unused. That is what happens when large zeolite particles are used in detox products. This means more than half of the material cannot be used. While zeolite itself is non-toxic, common sense tells us we should take only what we can optimally use, and what is effective, to reach better health.

That is what happens with Advanced TRS, virtually no excess, with extraordinarily effective results. One serving will not do a complete detox. Over time, consistently taking this product will remove toxins safely, gently and without the typical effects of harsh medical chelation agents.

How You Use It

Using Advanced TRS is couldn’t be simpler! It is an odorless, tasteless oral spray that can be taken mouth once or twice a day, or as desired.

What Advanced TRS Users are Saying

The Product and the Opportunity

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Advanced TRS is sold exclusively through independent direct sales agents, most of whom are “influencers” or “creators” whose audiences trust them for advice on healthy living and detoxification.

Because the product is so effective and is LOVED by almost everyone who uses it (and because the retail reorder rate for the product is 85%+), many of our independent sales agents make a comfortable, high 6-figures living from promoting Advanced TRS.

We reached out to you because you match the profile of some of our most successful creators and we think you could earn a stable and substantial income AND change lives for the better by offering Advanced TRS to your communities.

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Affiliate commissions on all one-time and recurring retail sales

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Coseva Is More Than Just Advanced TRS

In addition to the flagship Advanced TRS Toxin Removal product, Coseva also offers best-in-class CBD, Fulvic / Humic Micronutrient, and Skincare products. We’d love to introduce you and your audience to these products as well if you’re interested.


Is Advanced TRS FDA approved?

Advanced TRS has not been evaluated by the FDA. Clinoptilolite zeolite has been recognized as safe by the FDA, having been granted GRAS status.

Is Advanced TRS safe?

Manufactured clinoptilolite zeolite has been recognized by the FDA as safe, having been granted GRAS status.

Can Advanced TRS be taken the day of vaccination?

There is no evidence that Advanced TRS will interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccination.

Is Advanced TRS safe to take during breast feeding?

We have seen no evidence that Advanced TRS is not safe for women who want to become pregnant, are pregnant, or have recently been pregnant. Advanced TRS is not fat soluble. Always consult with your physician before taking any supplements including Advanced TRS. 

Is Advanced TRS safe for children?

We have seen no evidence that Advanced TRS is not safe for children. Always consult with your physician before taking any supplements including Advanced TRS. As a rule of thumb, the usage rate is based on a person who weighs 150 pounds. Therefore, 150 pounds divided by 5 sprays is equal to 30 pounds per spray.

Where does Advanced TRS go in the body?

Because the zeolite molecule in Advanced TRS is surrounded by layers of water, it can travel in the body wherever water goes

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